I would pay to find out what they were talking about

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Everything Beyonce does is careful and thought out. Her entire image is perfection crafted from planning ahead. She does not ‘wing it’ or throw things into her performances and public appearances ‘just because’.

What she did at this award show was amazing, especially because of how intentional and thought out it clearly was.

Feminism is a scary word for a lot of people. Many women are afraid of calling themselves feminist because they think it implies anger, hatred of men, or a rejection of traditional femininity. 

Beyonce presented everyone watching with two distinct images of what many viewers viewed as two very different women. There is the strong, independent FEMINIST. She is the woman who likes being in control and being in the spotlight. Then there is the WIFE and MOTHER. She is soft, sweet, smiling at the husband and child you can tell she loves and values so much.

For every girl watching who was afraid to be a feminist, afraid to be powerful, because of what she thought she would lose, this is an incredible message. You can be all the things you want to be. You can be both. Feminists can have amazing happy, full lives full of both traditional and modern womanhood. 

Feminism means gender should not be a source of persecution or a restriction of your choices. Feminism mean the type of person you should be is based on what you value, not what outside forces pressure you to value because of your gender or biological sex. Shout at the top of your lungs that you are a feminist and proud. Then go and be the exact person that you want to be. 

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The message in the song (Shake It Off) is a problem I think we all deal with and an issue that we deal with on a daily basis. That we don’t live just in a celebrity take down culture, WE live in a take down culture. People will find anything about you and twist it to where it’s weird or wrong or annoying or strange or bad. You have to not only live your life in spite of people who don’t understand you, you have to have more fun than they do.

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demi lovato and taylor swift being cute at the vma’s 2014

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nicki performing anaconda. taylor swift having all females playing the instruments during her performance. fifth harmony being the first girl group in YEARS to win a VMA. beyonce basically PREACHING feminism to the crowd. thank you God

plus lorde, a 17 year old girl, winning in a category made entirely of adult men

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'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. I shake it off, I shake it off.

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Everything I do is unfabulous. I’m the most normal person. I love walking everywhere and going to hole-in-the-wall places, like nail shops, because they do the best job. And I go to vintage stores rather than high-end boutiques, because I like to dress different from other people.

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Someday, I’ll be, singing this at the Grammys… and all you’re ever gonna be is Mean. 
Why you gotta be so, Mean?

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white people: this mint gum is spicy

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Happy 22nd birthday, Demetria Devonne Lovato! 
(August 20, 1992)

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